Sandhill Cranes

Weekly Smile 82-July 26, 2017

I have been staying with friends in Orlando for several weeks and have really gotten into photographing the many birds in the area.

The other day we went to lunch and on the way home I spotted four Sandhill Cranes on the side of the road.  I got so excited and couldn’t wait till we got home so I could jump into my car and go back to capture them with my camera.

All of a sudden Dottie turned the car around and took me back to where the birds were. She told me that by the time I got back by myself they would be gone.   Now that’s a real friend, indulging my obsession to take pictures of birds by the side of the road.

That made me smile.  But then, as I sat in the car right in front of the birds snapping away, one of the males spread his wings and I got a great shot.  I am still smiling, and I think I will smile every time I look at this picture.

DSCF3865 (2)


9 thoughts on “Sandhill Cranes

  1. Very cool. I do some nature photography and love seeing a new large bird to photograph. I’ve never seen a Sandhill Crane, though. I know they were very endangered but haven’t heard much if their recovery is going well or not. And yes, a very good friend to turn around 🙂

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