Holiday Traditions

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I got a call from a friend the other day and somehow we got talking about how we spend our holidays with our respective families.  Maybe because we are both a fan of  the feel good Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies and the “Christmas in July” week has just ended, or it could have been because we are both quilters and are making quilts for Christmas gifts this year but we did compare notes about the holidays.

Every family has it’s own traditional way to celebrate special events occurring in it. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, births Christenings, retirements and deaths are all mile stones which are recognized in special ways.  Just like holidays, these events often include specific activities like picnics, dinners or parties, etc.

I am watching my kids make these even adjustments with their new families.  Just like Gary and I had to do.  We each had to make compromises about the celebrations that would become our own traditions.  So, we took a little from his family and a little from mine and then we added our own flair to the mix.  All in all, we had some pretty good celebrations which provided all of us with wonderful memories.

One thing that Gary and I were both brought up with is not going anywhere on Christmas Day.  Most times we went to midnight Mass so it never created the situation of pulling the kids away from their stuff.  However, after we had our kids, some of the extended family were upset that we would not visit on Christmas Day.  That is probably the only time we stood fast and didn’t give in.  Our parents were invited for any meal they wanted to attend or they could stay the whole day if they chose but if they wanted to see their grandchildren they came to us.

We always celebrated those special times with family and I am so happy that my kids are continuing with those traditions because it means I get to spend all the special times with my grandchildren.



One thought on “Holiday Traditions

  1. I don’t like change, but I have had to adjust now that my niece is married and has a child. Christmas Eve was always our big thing, but this year I am going to do it on the 23rd so we can all be together. All that matters is we get to see our families.:)

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