A 4th of July Memory



Daily Prompt:  Sail

One of my favorite 4th of July memories is the year we spent the weekend on my grandfather’s sail boat.  I must have been 5 or 6.  He kept it docked at Duck Island in Trenton, New Jersey.  The name of the boat was Teal.  I never knew why it was named that.  I always meant to ask my grandfather that question.  The boat’s motor had a pipe that ran to the back of the boat that I stepped on and burned my foot.  

We sailed down the Delaware River to a cove and anchored.  We got to go swimming right off the boat.  It was such great fun.  Several of my grandparent’s friends joined us in the cove and we had a big floating picnic.  

When we were anchored one night a storm hit.  I can remember lying in the bunk with the boat shifting from side to side.  The thunder and lightning were unbelievable.  I thought the world was going to end.  I think that’s the first time my dad told me that the noise was from the angels bowling in heaven and the lightning was the blinking lights on the allies.  It worked, I woke up in the morning all thoughts of the storm forgotten.  

I was enthralled with the galley and was allowed to play with my dolls there.  It was my own little playhouse.  I also loved the little porthole windows.

That was the last time I the boat.  Shortly after that my grandparents went to Seattle to visit my uncle.  My grandfather became ill and he sold the boat.  I have a picture of that boat at home.  I wish I could share it with ya’ll.  Maybe when I get home, I will update this post with the picture.

Happy 4th of July to all those who have fought for my freedom over the years.  God bless you one and all.



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