Daily Prompt:  Tender


My husband collected model trains.  His favorite line was the Pennsylvania Rail Road. He had so many locomotives with their matching tenders that he used to keep by themselves to display along the walls of his train room.  My favorite line is the Chessie System.  it’s no longer called that, but it’s logo used to be a kitten.  So, Gary also had several locomotives and tenders in that line as well.  A tender is the car that was right behind the steam engine which held the coal that was used to fuel the fire for the steam.

He had his train from when he was a child and I had mine.  Both of us grew up with trains being a part of our Christmas holidays.  So, when we had children, each of them got a train set for their first Christmas.  Every year we added to the layout and the rolling stock.  My son got trains at Christmas for several years.  All of our kids love trains just like Gary and I do.

We have four grandchildren now and they love trains too.  We got the boys several sets over the years and both girls got a set for their first Christmas.  I am so happy that the kids have the trains their grandfather got for them.  They will have memories of their Pop Pop and their trains.

I have so many memories of Christmas’ and trains through the years.


3 thoughts on “Trains

  1. Such a wonderful memory of you and your husband growing up with model trains. Sounds like you received many trains growing up and when the kids came along – maybe you still have some of the trains today 🙂 I remember my parents buying my brother toy trains when we were kids. My parents always reckoned they were ‘boys’ toys’. Well, I wanted to play with trains and always played with my brother’s trains anyway. I still remember putting the pieces of train track together 🙂

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