Daily Prompt:  Crisp

I hate cold weather.  I hate snow.  Although, when it is falling and drifts appear in the crisp cold air it is indeed beautiful.  That is why several years ago we left Pennsylvania and moved south to North Carolina.

I told my husband that if we still needed a snow shovel, we hadn’t moved south far enough.  I told him that they should not even have to carry them in the stores.  He never minded the cold or the snow, but the fact that we no longer had a son that lived at home to shovel in the winter, he didn’t fight me too hard over the move.

Our first winter in North Carolina, we actually had snow.  I could’t believe it.  However, it snowed at 9 AM and it was gone by noon.  It’s only snowed a couple more times since our move.

As for the beauty of the winter’s snow, I get plenty of it from the TV, and pictures right here on the internet.  And I can keep warm while I enjoy it.


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