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I was driving to Florida yesterday on my way to visit my friend from high school.  Her husband had surgery and I came down to give her a hand so she can return to work.

While driving through South Carolina I picked up a Virginia radio station.  I still am not sure which program was on but it was a talk show.  Apparently there is a new law in Virginia which will make it mandatory for schools to teach teenagers how to handle being pulled over by police while driving.

Let me tell you that the host of the show was beside himself because as he put it “the responsibility of safety from police misconduct will fall on the children.”  What a farce! I really got the impression that he wanted to just stir things up.  In no way was police being trained to deal with teens behind the wheel something that was off the table.  He insinuated that the police were the trained professionals but that in only 6 months you could become a cop and he felt that was insufficient.  I wonder what he thinks about becoming parents.  There is no training for that.  Maybe that’s where we should start.

In most incidents with teenagers driving and being pulled over there is zero respect shown to the officer.  Now I am not saying that there aren’t a portion of bad police, just as there is a portion of teens that are respectful.  But, have you noticed the complete lack of respect for authority in this country today?  Just walking through the mall and hearing the way children talk to not only their parents, but to each other.  It’s appalling.

The co-host of the show said that the person who was responsible for initiating the law said she did so because she had had many conversations with her husband and son regarding being stopped by the police and their son’s  behavior expected by them if that should happen.  The son stated that many of his friends parents didn’t have any conversations with them about being respectful.  In an attempt to keep teens from being injured or worse she thought that while learning to drive in school this would be a beneficial endeavor for the safety not only for the children but also the police.

I was becoming furious as I was driving 70 miles an hour down 95.  I finally had to turn it off.  All the host did was belittle the idea of giving the kids a perspective on traffic stops.  Of course when I tried to call into the station I couldn’t get through.  It’s probably a good thing.  My feel is that if parents were responsible and taught their kids respect from the time they were little, there probably wouldn’t be many episodes of teens being manhandled by police.

For too long parents have undermined the authority of the police and the teachers in the schools.  I wanted to ask this man if a person is any less dead if the one pulling the trigger is a kid?  Our culture has turned into one of irresponsibility where anything goes and you can do whatever you want no matter how it affects anyone else.  Then authority is blamed for the consequences.

OK, I am off my soapbox.  It is wonderful to be here with Dottie and Frank.  I think I’ll go sit by the pool for a bit and cool off.


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