Just An Idea

Daily Prompt:  Collaboration, Hospitality, Final, Maze and Pink

It was the last week of school. I was just about at the end of my tolerance for finals. What’s the point I wondered. Does a letter grade really define me? If I don’t achieve that A will I really be a nothing? I think that’s a terrible way to evaluate someone. I can’t say that I was seeing red, but maybe a shade of pink. Anyway, I am almost done with this until the same time next semester.

As I traversed the pink maze I began to see that others were also having second thoughts about the need for achieving these insignificant grades. Well, I think they are insignificant and I bet you do too, don’t you? No? Ok maybe they are necessary, maybe for some things anyway. I concede there needs to be a way to measure what you have learned during a given period of time in order to know what you are ready for in the next period of time. But, the emphasis on a grade leaves me feeling unfulfilled.

I have always loved going to school. I love to learn. What I don’t love is the stress of finals or the stress of attaining a specific grade. It has been my experience that one can be a wonderful student with a 4.0 GPA and a failure in your chosen field. The ablility to learn from books does not equate to being proficient in practice.

My idea would be a collaboration with education and practical experience. This would support what knowledge you gleaned from study and be hospitable to practical experience. I also think college should be deferred until after spending a year doing some sort of service work or a stint in the service. It gives kids a chance to mature a little so they are more apt to dedicated themselves to higher education.


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