Weekly Photo Challenge:  Danger!


I took this picture in August 1958 while I was traveling with my family to Seattle, Washington for my uncle’s wedding.  I turned 7 in September.  We made many stops along the way.  This stop was in Yellowstone National Park.  I was fascinated with the geysers there.  The water in the geysers was very colorful.  It’s a shame that when I was visiting the park there was no color film.  It was interesting how you could walk among them on wooden pathways. Many signs like this one were all over warning that the crust was thin and dangerous.

I have recently been going through my pictures sorting them and dividing them up for each of my children.  I had recently seen this album and when I saw the daily prompt today I thought that this picture summed it up quite nicely.

The pictures from this trip were mostly taken by my dad, but he let me take several too. We used a vintage Kodak Duaflex II.  When I got older he gave me the camera and I used it for years until I was given a new Kodak Instamatic camera.

It’s only been since the 90’s that I have gotten back into photography.


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