Preoccupied With A Decision

It’s been almost a month since I have posted here.  I have been a little preoccupied.  I have had to make a difficult decision.  I will be moving this year. I really didn’t think I would ever move again after Gary and I moved to NC, but things change. Since Gary died I find it’s just too expensive for me to stay here.  I only have my income now and I really don’t want to be house poor.  I have my son in Miami Beach that I want to be able to visit often as well as friends and family all over the country.  So, my daughter Kelly and her husband Joe have invited me to live with them.  Well, actually they are putting a mother in law suite on their house for me.  It’s perfect.  I can see my three grandchildren as much as I want any time I want.  And none of my kids have to will worry about me living all alone in my forest.  🙂  I will definitely miss my 5 1/2 acres of solitude country living, but I will also love the convenience of city life.  Except for the traffic, that is.
I have been going through all of my stuff.  And I do have a lot of stuff.  Too much stuff.  Silly stuff.  I have been sorting, donating, selling, giving, and throwing out stuff.  Living with a pack rat for over 40 years has made my job even harder.  Gary’s philosophy was “you don’t have to feed it”  so he kept all of it.  This philosophy was coupled with “if one is good, 10 are better.”  Now I am not saying that it never paid off, but honestly, it’s too much stuff.  
While construction is being done on Kelly and Joe’s house, they will be staying here with me.  So I really can’t put off working on the “stuff”.  There will be five other people living here and they won’t fit if the ‘stuff’ remains.  
I feel that Lent has in some ways passed me by.  I did not do all the things I had planned to do preparing for Easter.  However, God has continued to work in me during this most holy season.  I know this because I have found acceptance of my situation and am at peace with the solution God has given me.  
I never in a million years thought I would end up having to give up my home. But after a lot of soul searching and a few tears I realized that all I am giving up is a house.  A building.  A thing.  My home will always be with me in my heart. My home is and always has been my faith and family and I will have my home with me no matter where it physically is.   
I wish you and yours a holy blessed Easter.

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