No. 5 LiftMaster Chevrolet SS

Today was the third race of the 2017 NASCAR Schedule.  Kasey Kahne drove his No. 5 Liftmaster Chevy SS and finished 12th.  Not the best finish he has had so far this year, but respectable.  So far he is off to a great start over the past two years.  This kid can drive so I just don’t understand why he has struggled so much.

Anyway, if you didn’t catch today’s race the end was priceless.  Kyle Busch, the driver of the 18 M&M’s Camry wrecked in the last lap after he tried to push Logano into the 2 car.  Logano countered with a move to forge ahead of Busch and Busch wrecked.  He lew off the handle at Joey Logano and tried to attack him after the race.  Joey’s team surrounded him and finally Kyle was subdued by officials and was escorted from the area.   Now, if you know anything about Kyle Busch, you know that he is notorious for wrecking people to secure a win.  It has never mattered who or when or where either.  Kasey has been left in his wake many times.  I just can’t muster any sympathy for Kyle Busch.

So, next week it’s Phoenix.  I’m hoping the 5 Team finishes better.

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