Catching Up

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I have posted here on my blog.  Things have been a bit busy for me.  And…this injured thumb has slowed down everything I do.  Sometimes when it doesn’t hurt I forget that it is injured and I bang it on something.  Ouch!  It seems to be healing, but I was told to expect it to take a long time.

I had guild last Tuesday.  I won the fat quarters. The color was red which is perfect since I am collecting red fat quarters to sash my Raggedy Ann & Andy embroidered blocks.  I love Raggedy Ann and Andy.  I have a small collection of those dolls.  Actually, I have a nice collection of dolls period.  I have always loved baby dolls and neither one of my girls did.  They were more into Barbies.

I am finally unpacking my doll collection and plan on keeping some of them, but will most likely sell some and give a few to my granddaughters.  I still love to pick up one of those baby dolls and pat it’s back and rock back and forth.  I know it’s silly, but babies don’t stay babies long enough.  A lot of women I know were glad when the infant stage was over, not me.  So when I need a baby fix I just pick up one of my babies and get my full.

My daughter Kelly and her husband Joe are helping me go through my husband’s train collection.  What a job that has turned into.  Some trains will stay in the family, but I hope to sell the rest.  I knew he had a lot of trains, but even I am surprised at the vastness of his collection.

I am also sorting through his stamp collection.  I have spoken to a dealer about it as no one in the family is interested.  There is so much more yet to be gone through, but it will just take time.

I am heading to Miami this week to spend some time with my son and his family. I can’t wait to see Isabella.  She’s walking now.  So, today I am doing laundry and preparing baby quilts and baby hats to take to the hospital from our guild.

Have you heard that Norma McCovey passed away?  She was the Jane Roe in Roe v Wade that legalized abortion in this country.  She spent much of her life fighting to get that decision reversed.  She never did have an abortion.  Join me in praying for the repose of her soul.

I’ve been reading a bit and should have one finished soon.  Again, not moving too quickly on my 2017 challenge.  Rome wasn’t build in a day.  Right?  The weather is beautiful again.  Ya gotta love the Carolina winters.

Have a great day!

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