A New Wrinkle…

So, Monday evening I was going to do a little sewing after supper.  My plans changed suddenly.  I was slicing a cucumber on one of those mandolins.  My hand slipped and I cut a huge piece of thumb off my right hand.  Thank God my neighbor  was home and she could take me to the hospital.  I had to keep pressure on my thumb and couldn’t drive.

It took quite a while to get the bleeding stopped and I was really afraid I was going to have surgery, but they worked their magic and got me fixed up in the ER.  So, no sewing got done.  And  with the dressing on my thumb, it’s hard to do anything.  I have to keep it clean and dry.  And, it really hurts.  I can’t believe how much pain there is with it.

After spending a few hours at the ER, I came home and found the piece of thumb I cut off on my kitchen floor.  YUK!!!  So that’s how my Monday ended.

I’m so glad for my Kindle…reading is about all I can do for a few days.

Look at this cute cake.  I’m sure it would make any quilter smile.

My  oldest daughter Kelly is very talented when it comes to making specialized cakes and cup cakes.  Maybe I can ge her to make me one for my next birthday.  🙂


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