Super Bowl Sunday

So, who’s watching the super bowl?  It’s the first super bowl I am watching alone in over 41 years. My kids are spread all over so no get together’s like we used to have when they were young.

I didn’t watch the half time show.  I am not a GaGa fan, and can certainly do without her.  I used the time to do dishes.  LOL.

I spent a wonderful day with my daughter Kelly, her husband Joe and my grandchildren here helping me go through some of Gary’s collections.  The biggest job will be his model trains.  It’s amazing to me how much he had amassed over the past almost 41 years.

The appraiser will be here on Friday to see the house.  I will be so glad when all of this is behind me. I still am not sewing yet as I have to get the place looking like someone lives here by Friday.  🙂  But then I vow to sew at least one hour a day.

Enjoy the game!

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