A Lot Has Happened

Well to say I have been busy is an understatement.  My daughter-in-law had a second surgery after she returned home she developed a post op infection.  I got a call at 3 AM on Monday September 26th that they needed me to come to Miami Beach to help out.  So on Wednesday the 28th I hopped on a plane and here I am.  Karina was discharged that evening and is now recovering nicely;

As sorry as I am that she and my son have had to go through this, I am delighted to be spending so much time with my granddaughter Isabella.  She is just a delight.  Here she is sitting on the bed playing with mommy.  She’s in the middle of mommy’s pregnancy pillow.

I can tell you that this little girl is wearing me out.  I know now why we have our babies when we are young.  I have been walking her every day and have fallen into a routine of daily exercise.  I hope to continue with this walking when I get home.  I won’t have Isabella to keep me going, but I will have Gracie who just loves to go for walks.  
I think I may be here another week.  On the 28th I am flying to PA for Gary’s Memorial Service.  We had one in NC, but he has so many friends and family up there that we decided to do one there as well.  
I’m refinancing the house to cut my mortgage payments and the appraiser called me to come out to the house.  I told him that I will be out of town for a while yet.  Thank goodness he said there was no hurry.  
There is so much to take care of when you lose your spouse.  I still find myself thinking he will be there when I get home.  I am blessed that my son needed me to help out with the baby.  It has helped me through this adjustment.  
Have a good weekend.

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