This is me in August 1958 just getting ready to turn 7 in another month.  We were in Seattle, Washington on my Uncle Francis’ house boat.  It was so cool.  You could fish right off the back porch and that is where I caught my first fish!  I guess that ‘s where I got my love for fishing.

  My family and I drove out to Washington state for my Uncle’s wedding.  We had a 1957 Cadillac which was so big.  My dad put a piece of covered plywood on the back seat that reached the back of the front seats so that we could sleep and have room to play on it.  My grandmother came along with us and she sat in the back with us.  Like I said, the car was BIG!

  Of course we hadn’t even gotten out of Pennsylvania when one of my doll hats flew out the window. It was one of the straw hats that matched Ginger’s outfit.  I still have that doll, but I have no idea what happened to all of her clothes.   I remember crying because my dad  wouldn’t stop and go back and get it.  What a great start to our vacation.  🙂

  We were fortunate enough to be able to take our time and sight see.  We stayed at the neatest places on our way out.  I can remember riding through Yellowstone National Park and being so amazed with the bears.  I had my window down in the back of the car.  My grandmother was in the back next to me.  A cub came up to my widow and stood up.  I actually got to pet him.  My grandmother screamed, and the cub made a noise.  Before I knew it the mamma bear was headed toward the car. We got the window up just in time, but she gave the side of the car a good swat.  I thought the whole thing was great.  However, my parents were furious with me.

  Later that day, my dad decided to get out of the car and take pictures of the bears.  He was stooping down by the back tire of the car to get the shot he wanted.  All of a sudden he slipped in the gravel on the side of the road and he was chased back into the car.  Of course my brother and I being little and not understanding the danger of these animals, we thought the whole episode was hilarious.

  I witnessed an American Indian ceremony dance and even got the chief’s autograph.  That was so cool to see.  I was fascinated with the geysers we saw too.  My father planned a different route for the ride home which was nice.  We saw different things on the way home.   Such good memories were made during that trip.  🙂

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