Wild Wednesday

  This week’s wildlife creature is 4 month old opossums.  Now opossums aren’t what you would call cute, but these little fellas are.  They are sharing a meal in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge in Orlando.  They will be returned to the wild after they learn to fend for themselves.  Look how cute they are.  🙂

  Didn’t get to spend anytime sewing today.  After being gone for so long we had errands to run.  I had a doctor appointment early this afternoon.  Tomorrow I see my rheumatologist.  On the way home tomorrow we’re stopping at the grocery store.  And eventually I have to do some cleaning.  YUK! But I can only put it off for so long.  How does your house get dirty when you are away?  
  I brought the neatest weeds home from Florida.  Dottie let me dig them out of her yard.  They actually have pretty light lavender blooms on them.  Since we don’t have a formal yard, I thought they would be great to spread through our property.  I hope they take.  
  I’m sure you have all heard about the 2 year old being taken by an alligator at one of the Disney resorts in Florida.  I cannot believe any parent would let their 2 year old play in the edge of the water at 9:00 at night without being at their side.  You know, alligators are wild animals that live in the south.  And this is mating season so they are very aggressive now.  People have got to take the signs about staying our of the water seriously.  A 2 year old looks like a dog or cat and the alligator is going to do what comes naturally.
  My heart breaks for the parents.  I have lost a child so I know first hand the grief they feel.  This is such a tragedy.  But God makes no mistakes.  I am comforted to know that this little one is in the arms of Our Lord.

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