A Simple Devotion

Oh Jesus, King of Love, I put my trust in Thy loving Mercy.

 What a wonderful devotion especially for this time of the year when Our Lord’s infancy & childhood are ever present in our minds and hearts.  In the above picture, His crown depicts His kingship.  The olive branch depicts the gifts of healing and peace He offers.  With His other hand He points to His Heart overflowing with tender Mercy. 

 The invocation was given to Yvonne Beauvaisin a French woman on August 17, 1922, while she was visiting the monastery of the Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus at Malestroit in Brittany, France.  Addressing Yvonne, Jesus said: Morning and evening say, O Jesus, King of Love, I put my trust in Thy loving mercy.  On March 18, 1927, Yvonne Beauvaisin entered the community and professed her final vows on September 29, 1931. 

 Immediately the devotion spread and became indulgenced first to her community and later to the whole Catholic Church. The image was designed by in 1940 during World War II.  She did this to encourage the continued spread of the devotion.

 The Confraternity of Jesus, King of Love is an apostolate of the Benedictine Monks at Silverstream Priory in County Meath, Ireland.  

 I received this from the Cukierski Family.  Have you heard of them? They are a Catholic family who have a business that makes and sells various homeopathic supplements to raise money for children who need medical attention. They also have a very large variety of sacramentals on hand. Their site is filled with a lot of information about our Catholic faith.  

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