Almost Christmas

 I cannot believe that it’s almost Christmas and I have not posted here since July.  To say things have been interesting in my life is an understatement.  We visited my son in August.  Three days after we arrived I proceeded to fall on the wet kitchen floor and broke my shoulder.  OUCH!!!  I wound up being stuck in Florida for five weeks.  We tried to come home after three, but the pain was too much so we headed over to our friends home near Orlando.  We spent the rest of the time there.  I was truly blessed I didn’t need surgery.  It was quite a significant fracture, but non displaced.

 When we got back to North Carolina, I began six weeks of physical therapy.  Again OUCH!!!  But no pain no gain right?  I have regained all of my range of motion, but am still exercising to gain strength.

 Needless to say this has put me wayyyyyy behind for the holidays.

 We will be going to see our grandchildren on Christmas Day.  My daughter doesn’t take them visiting on Christmas so that they can enjoy being at home.  She normally has open house for family and close friends.  That’s what we did for our children.  We always went to Midnight Mass and on Christmas our parents visited us.  It was a nice tradition and my children have adopted it.

 I am participating in the Christmas Novena that is being provided by Pray More Novenas.  This is a site that sends you reminder notices so that you don’t forget to pray on each of the 9 days.  It is a wonderful ministry John-Paul and Annie provide.  Sign up for reminders is easy and once you have signed up you don’t have to do it again.  I highly recommend Pray More Novenas

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