Fabulous Friday Quote

“Many things in life will catch your eye, but few will catch your heart. Pursue those.” Anonymous.

This is my favorite quote. It really says a lot doesn’t it? I read this somewhere many years ago and have never forgotten it. We too often waste time on things that are just not important like watching TV or aimlessly going from store to store looking for ways to spend money. Now I am not saying that shopping is a bad thing necessarily, but making that your reason to wake up in the morning certainly causes some concern. And we all enjoy watching our favorite program on TV. However, if we can’t leave the house because of it then it becomes problematic.

For me the things that hold my heart are my God first and foremost, then my family. These are enforced by volunteering at my church, quilting for charity (and me), photography, and reading a good book. You get the picture right?

There is one thing I must admit here though. I hate to clean. Will do anything I can to get out of doing it. So you can be sure that when the sweeper needs to be run I will be sitting at my Featherweight sewing till my hearts content.

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