Too Many Emails & Inspiration

I have just spent over four hours going through over 13,000 emails on my desktop. That is just crazy. Apparently when I used my laptop emails were not deleted from the server so when I would go back to my desktop to load mail everything I had already read downloaded. I got that little error in judgement corrected and I have unsubscribed from all my newsletters. I decided if I can’t access information from their blog then I don’t need it. I had email on my computer that went back to April 2013! I’ll not let that happen again. Takes way too long to get rid of it. Unfortunately I run the website for my quilt guild so had to make sure I had a copy of all emails sent to me by members and officers. Gotta CYA. 🙂

Wanted to share a picture of a sunset I took one night in April right off my back porch. I couldn’t believe the colors.

Actually I stood on the porch and moved to get the complete sky. Silly me I didn’t even think about using the panoramic setting. So I have three separate shots. This is the middle one. I had it on my facebook page as the header but just changed it for a panoramic shot my son got at the beach last week. Aren’t those colors gorgeous? What wonderful inspiration for a quilt, don’t you think? Maybe there’s a quilt in my future with these colors.

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