Rain Rain Go Away

It seems like it’s been raining forever.  It’s gotten cold again.  I guess I should be sewing or quilting, but I’m not.  I just don’t feel like doing anything.  It’s awful.  I have walked into my quilting room twice today.  I look around and walk out.  So, I am in front of the TV watching old reruns of SVU Law and Order and playing on the computer.  I guess we all fall into the doldrums when the weather is bad for days on end.  I really thought spring was on the way.  Actually, we need the rain so I should be happy for the blessing.

I have been trying to compile a list of UFO’s.  Seems the more I look to see what I have not finished, the more projects I find.  So what I have is a list that is a UFO.  See what I mean, just can’t get myself moving.  
I did accomplish one thing today.  I signed up for the March Madness on Yahoo.  Every year our family picks teams to see who wins.  It’s just for fun.  When the kids were little we would play for a prize but now it’s just for bragging rights.  It’s a lot of fun.  

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