Guild Day

Yesterday was my quilting guild day.  We had a great meeting that ended in a batik fabric swap.  I didn’t take part as I am not a big fan of batiks.  But the girls had a great time and everyone loved the fabrics they each received.

One of the girls also had fabric that a friend of hers had left from her quilt shop.  She was retiring. There was beautiful fabric for $4.00 a yard.  Quite the bargain for quilt shop quality fabric. Unfortunately I am on a budget right now and just looked.

I never understood the attraction to fabric until I began quilting.  When I was a young girl, my mom did a lot of sewing for me.  She sewed beautifully.  But she could spend FOREVER in Yards.  Yards was a fabric shop at the Levittown Shopping Center near where we lived.  She would show me fabric and ask me if I liked it or not.  I would say yes hoping that we could move on.  Never worked though.  She would move on to another bolt of fabric.  Now that I quilt I understand.  Mom would be very happy that I sew now.  I make clothes for my granddaughter, quilts, curtains and lots of other things. My mom tried to get me to sew for years. I almost flunked Home Economics my freshman year because we had to make a jumper. Mine was terrible.  I was told to take it home over the weekend and bring it back fixed or else. Mom fixed it for me and I passed.  She gave up on my sewing.  I had my first daughter in 1972.  Mom was delighted. She started back on my sewing again and  made me feel guilty by telling me every little girl should have a dress made for her by her mother.  I bought into it and finally made her one.   I still have the dress.  That was back in 1974.  I actually made an Easter outfit for the same daughter in 1978.  I made that outfit in my mom’s honor with the help of my neighbor Sue who was just as talented as my mom.   Mom died in 1977. After that I only mended and made curtains.

I did a lot of knitting and crocheting taught to me by my mom.  I then added cross stitch, crewel, embroidery all kinds of needle work.  I liked doing that a lot.  I still do all of it from time to time.  I always wanted to learn how to quilt.  My husband was from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the Amish quilts I used to see when we visited there made me drool.  His grandmother was going to teach me to quilt, but before she could she became ill and died.

So, after we moved to North Carolina I finally got my chance.  In 2005 I joined Brunswick Quilters and was lucky enough to find a very talented mentor who shared her love for quilting with me.  The rest so they say is history.  🙂

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