A New Beginning…Again!

As a blogger I must admit that I am a bit of a  failure.  I missed all of 2013!  So once again I am recommitting myself to this endeavor.  I thought I would spruce the ole blog up a bit.  I have been searching for a new look but I have not found anything I like better.  It’s simple and it’s me.

2013 was a blur.  It started with illness and ended with a knee replacement.  I didn’t do much quilting.  My youngest daughter turned 30 and became engaged in August and will be married this August.  She’ll receive her Masters this spring from UNC Wilmington.  My son turned 32 and he and his wife are land lovers now.  They have given up life on a cruise ship and they are making Florida their home.  My oldest turned 41and is settling in to life in the south.  I am so happy to have the grandchildren living so close.  I was blessed to have all of the kids here for Thanksgiving.  It was the first time in years.  Christmas was also wonderful.

Today my grandson Andrew is 10 years old!  How the time flies.  He had his party yesterday.  I guess the days of having kids parties at home are a thing of the past.  We spent three hours at an indoor arcade/party place.  The kids had a good time.

 My daughter Kelly, Andrew’s mom made his cake.  She’s getting really good at cake decorating.

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