My New Addiction

My oldest grandson Andrew sent me an invitation to join him in playing the Facebook game Car Town.  Well I put it off as long as I could, but I finally gave in and have started playing it with him.  It’s something we can do together while he is still 600 miles away from me.  While he was here in April, he introduced Gary to the game. Well, needless to say we have both become addicted to it.  It’s a cute game.  But clearly I need to set limits.  Before I know it an hour has passed and as much fun as playing the game is, I’m not getting much accomplished  here at the house.  Of course it does give me the opportunity to sit here and listen to the birds outside the window.  And if you add this game time to my blog hop time I could be sitting here at the computer for the entire day.  Right?  But you gotta love the blog hops.  Especially when they are giving something away.  I never win anything, but the idea that I may keeps me hopping along.  Right now I am doing Pat Sloan’s Focus On The Center Book Tour blog hop.  I guess I’m a sucker for anything quilty!  Join me why don’t you?

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