Had a really nice visit with Sam.  We met for lunch after my doctor appointment.  She loved her scarf.  I had intended to take her picture with the scarf on her with my phone but I forgot.  My mind just isn’t what it used to be. 

Spent the rest of the day running errands.  Had to stop at the hospital to arrange for test results to be sent to my doctor, then to the pharmacy to get scripts filled.  Needless to say, I wound up doing a lot of waiting.  I’ll tell you, sometimes I think I spend most of my life waiting in a line for one thing or another. 

Tomorrow will be a stay home and finish off the quilting room day.  I have several quilts that need to be quilted.  I am also organizing my UFO list.  I have tops that have been started and not finished, tops that need to be quilted, and quilts that need binding.  I am also back to knitting the chemo hats for the cancer center.  I usually get three of them done a week.  They are so easy.  I find I can sit and do them while I watch TV at night with hubby. 

I have been getting the guild’s website updated.  It’s always a lot in the beginning of the year, but once all the new info is on the site, it’s just a quick update monthly.  I really enjoy doing the site. 

According to the weather man tonight, it’s going to be getting colder.  It’s raining and windy our right now.  Am glad I am staying in tomorrow.

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