Making Progress

I’ve been working on Sam’s scarf today.  It’s coming along nicely.  I want to have if finished by Thursday when I meet her for lunch.  I know she’ll love it. 

Our first guild business meeting of the year is this Tuesday.  I have a bunch of baby quilt kits to get made up.  Thank goodness I have Gary to do the cutting for me.  It’s great to have a tool maker for a fabric cutter.  His lines are always straight.  He hasn’t been a tool maker for a long time, but his eye is still spot on. 

Made some small strides in the quilting room.  Like Gary says,”it’s like eating a whale, one bite at a time.”  I can thank my father-in-law for that one. 🙂  Dad had a few of them.  

I need to decide what I am going to make for our third biannual quilt show.  I have not started a quilt yet and the show is in May.  We also have a challenge quilt for it as well that needs to be finished by the April business meeting.  I’m drawing a blank on that one too.  I’ll have to take a virtual stroll over to some of my favorite quilters sites for some inspiration.  Of course, there’s the possibility I might get one of my many, many UFO’s done and my problems would be solved. 

Well hubby sent out the picks for the Super Bowl.  We do this every year with our kids.  You don’t win anything but bragging rights.  My oldest Kelly and her husband Joe are not playing this year, so we each have two teams.  I have the Saints and I am playing tonight against my youngest Sam.  She already won one game today beating her boyfriend.  I’m hoping she is not going to wind up with two wins today.  We started with football picks when the kids were young.  At firs it was with my husbands family.  As our kids got bigger, we started doing it withing our own family and it has continued.  When the kids were young, whoever won during the season got to pick what they wanted for dinner the following week. 

Have you ever noticed how you can start out doing one thing, and wind up doing another?  My son called me today, he is always in port on Saturday.  Anyway, he told me he needed a file that he had put on my computer about a year ago.  So, since I have gotten a new computer since then, I figured it was on one of the discs my data was copied to.  Well 3 hours later, after going through all of the discs and jump drives I can’t find the file.  I call him back to tell him I can’t find it and know what he says to me?  I don’t need it anymore.  Hey….a little heads up would have been nice.  Kids….gotta love em.

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