X is for X Marks the Spot



The reason I named this post what I did is that no matter how much I looked and researched I could not find a word that referred to sewing.  But then I was thinking that this phrase X marks the spot is really appropriate to the sewing and quilting world.

When snaps, buttons, etc.  are added to clothing the fabric is marked for placement.  When cutting out patterns a notch is placed in the fabric to mark the place where the pieces are joined.

When altering clothing, markings are placed where to let the garment in or out.

Hems are marked for length.

I know that the markings are not X’s, but they are marking on the garments map.  That’s where the phrase came from.  From Pirate’s maps.

In the world of quilting, X’s are used in patterns.  Some X’s are appliquêd to a background fabric.  Some quilt tops are arranged in the pattern of an X.  It is actually an old pattern that quilters have used for years even if they aren’t called X’s.

Here are a couple of examples.