Two Word Tuesday


February 13- Rile and/or Agitate

Yesterday I had the unpleasant experience of having to call the Animal Services Unit to my home because a poor emaciated hound dog was in my front yard.  He had labored breathing and tremors, I believed he was dying.

Today on my home from quilting I decided to stop at the Animal Shelter to see how he was doing.  I fully expected for them to tell me he had died through the night.  To my surprise, the woman at the shelter told me he had actually stood on his own and ate some food today.  She went on to tell me he was by no means out of the woods, but he had improved from when they brought him into the shelter.

As we stood talking about his deplorable condition, I was becoming more agitated as the time went on.  Although I was feeling a bit embarrassed by this reaction, I soon realized that not only was the woman who was speaking to me agitated over the situation, but the young officer who was sitting by his desk was also exhibiting signs of agitation.

It was at this time I began to wonder if I used good judgement by stopping in to check on that poor dog.  I felt responsible for upsetting these wonderful people who are so caring toward the abandoned animals.  I voiced this to the young woman speaking with me.  She responded that they don’t need anyone to instigate their feelings of annoyance about the terrible way some people treat animals, they see so much of it daily.

I was so saddened by the fact that so many animals are treated this way.  I expressed my gratitude for their wonderful work and asked if I could stop again to check on the hound.  She told me I could stop anytime to check on him.  Even though I find this upsetting, I will definitely check on him again.  I know that his rally today might just be the calm before the storm, but if not, I doubt he will be adopted due to his age.  I hope that I am wrong because every old dog deserves to die in a warm loving home being spoiled.