J is for Join


When you are sewing you join the fabric together by stitching.  This is how you create seams in clothing and between blocks when making quilts.  It is a pretty simple concept that can be accomplished by either hand or sewing machine.

However, join also stands for joining sewing and quilting bees, clubs, and guilds.  The fellowship that comes from joining these types of groups is wonderful.  Lasting friendships are often made and cherished.  Both men and women are members.  Very often many of these groups make articles of clothing and quilts for charity.  My guild has several outreach projects that we are involved in.  We make newborn quilts for our community hospital, newborn baby hats, habitat home quilts, lap quilts for area nursing homes, cancer quilts and hats, cognitive therapy quilts for dementia residents, veteran lap quilts, and walker bags.  We are a busy guild and I love this part of my quilting guild.