What’s In A Name?


This week’s prompt:  letter.

What’s in a name?  Good question. Related image Take for example “letter”. What does that mean?  It’s the name of a written communication you receive from someone.  What makes it different from a note?  Is it the length of the communication, or simply less formal in presentation?

Then there is the other thing.   Is it just a symbol which expresses the written word?  The contents of our alphabet a through z when put together create words.  Then words are written in letters and sent on their way.

Sounds like I am talking in circles.  But that’s how our language is.  We have many words that have more than one meaning.  Don’t you wonder who sat around and decided what we would call things and why they used some of the same words for different things?

I think I will end it here.  Enough letters to expound on the “letter” prompt for this Saturday.

Have a good weekend!