Quilting Apprentice

Daily Prompt: Apprentice

In February 2005 I joined a quilt guild.  I had always wanted to learn how to quilt.  I never had cared much for sewing, but making quilts really interested me.  My mom was a wonderful seamstress but didn’t quilt.  I was fortunate to meet two wonderful women at my first quilt meeting.  They both took me under their wing and began teaching me the art of quilting.  That is how I became a quilting apprentice.

I learned so much from these two ladies.  Donna especially, and Anne was always there to support me in my quilting adventures.  I attended classes with professional internationally known teachers like Pat Sloan, Cathy Wiggins, Bonnie Hunter, Becky Goldsmith, Joan Shay and many more.  I was so amazed to see all the different ways of making quilts and how to embellish them.  I thrived on learning new techniques.

I joined two more quilt guilds in the area.  It kept me busy and I met such wonderful people.  One thing about quilters, we are always ready and willing to share our knowledge and techniques with each other and especially someone new to the art of quilting.

I began making quilts for members of my family and friends.  Then I began making table runners, placemats, wall hangings and purses.  It became an all-encompassing hobby which I was sure I would never give up.  I had a hard time remembering what I had done in my free time before quilting.

Then one day I realized I was teaching classes at my guild.  How could this be?  I was just a beginner.  But, in just a couple of years my skill had advanced to that of a seasoned quilter.  I wasn’t an apprentice any more.

The most rewarding aspect of belonging to my quilt guild is the outreach work we do. We support so many wonderful organizations with our quilting.  We supply Habitat Homes with bed quilts.  We supply the Veteran’s Hospital with lap quilts, the home for abused women and children with quilts, and many nursing homes receive quilts and walker bags from us.