Baking Cookies

Daily Prompt:  Uniform

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Do you bake Christmas cookies?  I hate to admit this, but I am the worlds worst cookie maker.  See how pretty these cookies look?  Mine are never this nice.  I can’t even manage to get my chocolate chip cookies to be uniform in shape and size.  How pathetic is that?

Through the years I worked at night.  So when it came time for holiday baking, my husband would bake the cookies with my kids.  They hated when I was home to join in because I made such a mess of the cookies.  I can bake pies, cakes, but I just don’t have the magic touch for cookies.

When Gary and I married, his mother gave me all of the cookie recipes she had made over the years.  Many of them were from Gary’s grandmother.  I tried to make them the first year we were married.  My husband, what a trooper, never complained once about the terrible cookies I made for him.  The next year when I had moved to nights at the hospital, he was just a little too anxious to take over the Christmas cookie baking.

When my oldest grew up she began baking the cookies with her dad.  Once or twice I attempted to help and was told that I could line the cookie sheets with parchment paper and the tins that we kept them in for storage.

Absolutely everyone I know can make beautiful, delicious cookies.  I’m not sure where I was when that talent was handed out, but I sure missed the boat.  So after all these years I have decided to forgo the task of cookie baking and just be a taster.