The Wonder Of A Pot Hole

Three Line Tales, Week 123

three line tales, week 123: a strange reflection in a puddle

photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin via Unsplash

A lone figure looks into the fantasy played before her by the pothole.  Diamonds sparkle so brightly it almost blinds me, as an airplane flies to some exotic place carrying my dreams of travel and adventure with it.  If only I was on the plane.




Three Line Tales, Week 112

Do you see him, do you, do you, do you?  He’s got that thick black wool that is so dreamy, baahhh, is he checking me out?.  Do I look ok, how’s my wool, eyes good – ok I’m going over.

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The Big Game

Three Line Tales, Week 79


photo by Arnaud Mesureur via Unsplash


We were pulling up to the stadium and I saw all of the lights on the outside of the building.  I was so excited to be seeing my first pro basketball game…I hope my team wins tonight I said to my dad.   As we walked into the stadium the crowd was large and the noise was so loud I was afraid the game had started already…but it was just warm ups, then finally I heard the announcer begin to announce the players…cheers erupted before I knew it the buzzer sounded and play began.