Monday Musings

My quilt guild has a challenge every year.  This year’s theme is “Music Moves Me.”  This has gotten me to think about all the ways our lives are enriched by music.  For instance the giggles of an infant, the gentle breeze rustling the leaves in the trees, the gentle babbling of a brook.  All these things are music to my ears.  Of course the sound of a good jazz band, or the golden oldies, and of course the beautiful voices from the choir at church on Sunday is wonderful too.  Our world is full of music.

I guess one has to agree that what is music to one person is not music to another.  That being said, if we just open ourselves up to the possibility that the noise is music it makes the world a better place. Don’t you think?   For instance, my good friend Sue likes classical music.  It’s not my first choice, but I can listen to it because I think about the discipline and talent of the orchestra.  I can see the beauty of the precise measure of the notes.

I have a big back yard.  Well actually, I have a forest.  With that brings all manner of fauna. Sometimes the birds make a terrible racket.  But, what is not beautiful about baby birds calling for mom to feed them, or a beautiful cardinal calling out to his mate?  The tree frogs peeping at night.  I wonder what they are saying.

Music is as much about attitude as anything else.  To truly enjoy the music all around you, you must first believe it exists.

Have a good day!

Monday Musings

  I never had the aversion to Mondays that many people have.  My career as a nurse included working every other weekend and every other holiday.  So Mondays didn’t hold any significance for the start of my work week.   Even when I was in school, Mondays only met a new opportunity to reconnect with my classmates after my weekend.  Maybe I feel this way because of how my Mom raised me. She had this amazing outlook that everyday was an opportunity, to be enjoyed and explored.  I guess it rubbed off on me. 🙂

  I have to wonder at all of the Monday sayings available on the web.  You know the ones I mean. The ones that belie Monday’s attributes.  The ones who look at Monday as an end of something rather than a beginning.  The ones that portray a picture of misery.

  I never bought into a particular day of the week having that kind of power over me.  Isn’t one day as good as the next?  Can’t we do the same things on lets say Tuesday as we can on Monday?  Or on Thursday?  Is this a symptom of our societal outlook on our time?  Weekends are more valuable or beneficial than weekdays?  Why are they the only fun days in our lives?

  The only day I have ever given more significance to is Sunday.  It’s the day for God and family.  It’s the day that sustains our spirit and our purpose.  It’s our reward for living all of our days to the fullest. The day that brings clarity to our lives and to our hearts.

  So I guess what Monday holds over us is opportunity.  An opportunity to jump right in and enjoy what comes, or run away screaming and yelling over the limits it holds.