RDP Friday Limit

Ragtag Daily Prompt

I love animals. While raising my kids back in Pennsylvania, we had hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, turtles, tortoises, hermit crabs and probably some I just can’t remember. Well that was many years ago. Today I live in North Carolina and my kids are all grown

Now I live in North Carolina along the cost. I was staying with a good friend of mine who lives on a golf course. I looked out her window into her back yard/golf course and low and behold there was a visitor sunning himself. Now, as I said I love animals, but there is a limit to how close I want this guy to get to me.

I took this photo in Holden Beach, North Carolina in 2017, This little guy measured 15 feet. My friend was afraid he would starve because the pond he had adopted as his home was too small with no fish in it. With that, we heard a terrible crunch and as he enjoyed a huge turtle snack. From his size I would guess he was feasting on the deer that roamed through the neighborhood.

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