A Blogging Survey If You Please

An image made up of question marks
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Maggie from Cave Walls is taking a survey about our blogging habits.

questions below.

1. How many times per week do you post? Do you post multiple times a day? If so, how many? I have gone through long spells of not blogging for various reasons. I have recently recommitted myself to my blog. I am trying to post at least every day when time permits. After being retired I am again working full time which does limit my online time.

2. How many blogs do you follow? I guess it’s somewhere between 50 and 100. I can’t really say as I am having a terrible time locating where to find this info.

3. Do you read all the blogs you follow every day? If not, how often do you read other blogs? I don’t read all of my followed blogs every day, I do read them at least once a week, that is, when I am actively blogging.

4. Do you seek out new blogs to follow?  If so, how do you find them? I follow new blogs from links on the blogs I read.

5. Do you comment on the blogs you read? If not, why? Do you respond to all the comments left on your blog? I don’t always comment on the blogs I read because there are times I have nothing to contribute. I always acknowledge the comments left on my posts even it it is just to like it.

6. Do you ever close comments on a blog you post? If so, why? No I have never closed comments.

7. Do you ever unfollow someone? If so, why? I think I have unfollowed one blog that I can remember. If I remember right, the blog’s content changed direction into an area I was no longer interested in.

8. What content inspires you to follow a blogger? Everything from history, to humor, to learning about the blogger to photography to crafting to quilting to reading to politics to religion…my list goes on and on.

9. What content turns you off from following someone? I do not like “adult content”, smut, vulgarity, satanic, or racist content.

10. How important is it to you that you add a photo to every post? I like to add photos in my posts, but often I don’t have the time to search for the one I want so I go without one.

I will leave it at this.

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