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As I was packing up my house getting ready to move to North Carolina I came across an old friend’s grandmother’s dishes. When she and her ex divorced she asked me to hold onto them until she had room for them. We have enjoyed a friendship since we were in high school. Unfortunately, her ex telling her he had remained friends with my husband and I, we lost touch. I had missed her so much but had no idea where she had gone. Dottie is my one daughters god mother.

Well after I found the dishes I decided to see if her sister was still in the next town over and give her a call. To my surprise she was and she was happy to give me Dottie’s number so I could give her a call. I did and it was like we had just talked on the phone the day before. I was so happy since I had missed her over the years.

After we moved to North Carolina we made plans to head to Florida to deliver my sweet friends dishes. I met her husband and we have spent so much time together ever since. They travelled through my neck of the woods heading up to Pennsylvania for the various family events they attended.

Dottie and Frank stopped the last time they drove down to let me know her sister that was living with them had been diagnosed with cancer. I felt terrible. I had gotten to know all of her family over the years. I always feel helpless when someone you love is dealing with such a situations. I wanted so much to help Dottie, but all I could do was to listen when she needed to talk.

In 2016 after losing my husband I began making the trek to Florida solo. I have gone down to see them quite often. As a matter of fact, when Frank became very ill, I stayed with them for almost 4 months taking care of Frank. Dottie was still working at Disney so she needed a hand. As Frank’s endurance improved he needed less and less help from me. That was the year I really got into photography and posted a lot of the pictures on my blogs. Maybe some of you remember that.

One of the funniest things I remember from my stay in Florida that year was when Dottie wanted to get new drapes for her living room. Frank asked her what was wrong with the ones they had. Dottie looked at Frank and told him they were old and out dated. Oh! Frank said I guess you want the periwinkle ones you saw last week. Well Dottie and I looked at each other and we both started laughing out loud. Dottie said to Frank, “I didn’t know you knew what periwinkle was.” At that he replied, ” Of course I do it’s that stretchy material made from periwinkle.” Dottie said to Frank while laughing hysterically with tears streaming down her face “you mean polyester?” Frank looked at me hoping I could help him out and all I could do was laugh. So Frank just said polyester/periwinkle it’s the same thing.

2 thoughts on “JusJoJan Catch Up

  1. Glad you decided to reconnect. It’s tough when someone we love is sick and it’s nice to have friends around that can support us.
    Your story at the end made me chuckle. Poor Frank 😅


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