Question Time Over Coffee

Question Time Over Coffee is hosted by Earthly Comforts.

This week’s questions are:

  1. Are you more socially or community-minded regarding people, or do you not think there is a difference between the two? I generally am a mix. I love the socialization working in the community gives me and the community service by social groups allow.
  2. On a scale of 1 – 10, how ethically minded do you think you are?
    What behaviour do you consider to be ethical? I would give myself a 9. Not a 10 because I do not think it’s ethical to lie, but I would rather tell someone they look nice than they look awful. Hurting someone’s feelings serves no purpose except to cause the hurt. The 10 Commandments keep my ethics in line. 🙂
  3. What enrichment do you personally receive from being social? As humans we are social by nature and I find that spending time socially gives me a good perspective on life.
  4. Have you become noticeably more socially isolated or socially interactive after the pandemic and the lockdowns? There may be no difference in your social behaviour; if this is the case, let me know below. All during the pandemic I worked with the public. The only change in my behavior was adding coordinating masks to my wardrobe.
  5. What would be your top sustainability tip? Stay as active as you can.
  6. Do you find it easy or hard to talk to your friends and family about your health? I rarely talk about my health but when I need to I don’t find it difficult.
  7. What will you be doing this weekend? Christmas Eve, I am here blogging. Christmas Day I will be going to Mass, then to a friend’s for a short visit and finally to my daughter’s for supper. I’ll be face timing with my son and granddaughter after supper.
  8. As the writer and author of your blog, how connected do you feel to your audience? I have been absent from my blog for about a year and am just now getting back into it. I hope to reconnect with the bloggers I have gotten to know since I began this blog. Does your blog reveal too much, too little or just the right balance of you to your readers? I guess that would depend on who is reading it. 🙂 Mostly I hope that I don’t bore my readers.
  9. If you were granted a day at being one of your favourite book characters, who would you choose to be and why? I love the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I would choose to be Claire Fraser I think it would be cool to time travel.
  10. What do you believe is the greatest threat to our planet today? The greatest threat to our planet in my opinion it nuclear war.

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