Share Your World December 5, 2022

Hosted by pensitivity101

This week’s questions:

1.  Do you have a favourite outfit you like to wear?

I am most comfortable in an old pair of soft jeans and T shirt. I don’t dress up much any more except when going to church. Otherwise it’s comfy casual for me.

2. What is the worst thing you were forced to wear as a child (school uniforms aside) ?

The worst thing I was forced to wear as a child was an eye patch over my right eye. I had a lazy left eye. I had the cutest pair of pink checked glasses, but a very ugly flesh colored patch over my seeing eye. I was black and blue most of the time from walking into everything since I had little to no depth perception. It’s funny, until right now I had forgotten about it.

3.  Do you have a sweet tooth, and if so, are you a chewer, cruncher, or sucker?

Yes, yes, yes and yes!

4.  Do you think you could eat your weight in chocolate?

I am not sure I could, but I would die trying! I love chocolate!

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