Fibbing Friday

Fibbing Friday 2nd December

Song connection this week.

1. Who recorded Mouldy Old Dough? Dirty Money

2. What colour icing was on the cake in MacArthur Park? Mellow Yellow

3. Who sang they were made out of Gingerbread? Billie Holiday

4. Who sang Tutti Frutti? The Mashed Potatoes

5. Who recorded Green Onions? Spice Girls

6. Who had a boy lollipop? The Dum Dums

7. What is a Tangerine Dream? Orange Glo

8. Sugar Sugar or Honey Honey? How Sweet It Is

9. Who sang Sugar Pie Honey Bunch? The Bee Keepers

10. Do you need Hot Butter for Popcorn? Only All The Time

Thought I would jump in on this prompt. It was fun. Thanks!

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