Say It Isn’t So


Fandangos Story Starter #74

It was getting late in the year and soon it would be crunch time. Santa and the elves had been hard at work all year to get things ready for the big day, but no matter how hard they worked they always seemed to be scurrying around at the last minute to finish in time.

Murphy was one of the elves working in the communications office at the North Pole. His job was an important one which he really enjoyed. Especially since he often got to talk to “regular” people from time to time. He was fascinated because they got to live where they wanted to live and do what they wanted to do. It’s not that he was unhappy being an elf at the North Pole it was just that his options for a romantic relationship were very limited.

One day several months ago, Murphy had a call from Abby. She had a voice like an angel. They seemed to have a lot to talk about. Mostly about books they had read or movies they had seen. She had a wonderful sense of humor and she made him laugh. Before he realized it, they were talking every day. Even though he was very busy at work, he always found time to spend with her on the phone. As time went on they both began to fall in love with each other and they always ended their talks with the promise that they would meet soon and plan a life together.

Sure this seemed a little silly since they had not even laid eyes on each other, but they had this genuine fondness for each other and they both felt that they were “meant to be”.

Now as elves go Murphy was on the tall side. He was over five feet! Just by an inch or so, but still in the world of elves he was tall. Abby had said she was a little thing of four feet six inches. Murphy was ecstatic! He just knew his height was not going to be a factor. He would have to do something to improve on his wardrobe since red and green tights and pointed shorts and shirts were not going to cut it with Abby. He just knew she was a classy dresser. So Murphy made plans and dreams just believing in his future with the beautiful Abby.

Now, I don’t know if you realize that the funny turned up toed shoes the elves where are not just a fashion statement. It’s true! It’s the only way you can really confirm that an elf is indeed an elf. You see, the toes on the feet of eves turn upward! I kid you not. This is what gives the elves that distinctive bounce in their gait. Even so, Murphy was sure that his cute turned up toes was not going to be an deal breaker.

Soon Abby and Murphy made plans to meet. She was going to be visiting an distant relative in Alaska. Now that’s pretty close to the North Pole and Murphy would be able to sneak over to finally meet his love.

At last the big day came. Off he went to meet Abby his heart was full of joy and anticipation. They had been speaking at least once a day for months now and he was sure that he was finally going to find the happiness he had been missing in his life.

As Murphy walked out of the terminal he saw his beautiful Abby waiting for him. Their eyes met and they both felt the same strong feelings. You could see it in their eyes. They walked off happily arm in arm chatting like they had know each other for years. Murphy felt as if he was home.

After meeting Abby’s relatives, they went out for a lovely dinner. During dinner Murphy knew he had to tell Abby that he waws an elf. He had kept that from her for too long. Hoping that this fact would not change things for them he took her hands in his and slowly began.

“What do you mean you are an elf?” he heard her say. Well just that elves are real and I am one. “You can’t be an elf you are too tall!” That s just nonsense he replied. Abby looked him in the eye and asked, “Is there anything else you want to tell me? You don’t have curly toes do you?” Without a word, he looked down at his feet. YOU DO, DON’T YOU! All of a sudden Murphy began to see his dreams fizzle away. He just sat there staring at her. He couldn’t believe that she was dumping him just because she found out his toes curled up!

As much as he tried he could not convince her to give their relationship a chance. He accompanied her back to her relatives home saying goodbye at the door. After all the months they had spent getting to know each other, or so he thought, he didn’t even get a goodbye kiss!

This story was inspired by my dad. His toes curled up for some reason when he wore his black work shoes. He was always asked why his shoes curled up like they did. He told everyone that he was an elf. He was over six feet tall but he used to convinced a few coworkers that he was an elf. I used to get a kick out of it.

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