Happy Mother’s Day

mothersdayWhat a lovely day it is here.  Not too warm and sunny.  Gracie and I had a very nice walk this morning.  Right now I am sitting with my legs propped up, Gracie is right beside me and I am sipping an iced coffee.

While I was out walking I saw a few things I wanted to photograph.  When I got home I looked for my camera.  I can’t find it!  I have no idea where it could be.  So, my Mother’s Day has been spent pulling things out of my very overstuffed quilt room trying to locate it.

My daughter was disappointed I wanted to stay home to work on my quilt room.  Funny, kids don’t understand that sometimes it’s nice to just be by yourself so you can tackle a project that has been weighing on your mind.  We faced timed this morning which was really nice.  She was fine then.

So, I have pulled numerous boxes and bins out of that room.  So far no camera.  I haven’t panicked yet.  But, I did ask my son to do some research on cameras for me so that I can get a new one if necessary.  I really have missed my photography.  I know that I am not that good, but I do enjoy it so much.

I have been looking around for some challenges like we used to have on WordPress.  I remember that some people ran some on their own.  I like doing challenges because it forces me to write more often.  If anyone can suggest any, I would appreciate you letting me know.

Have a good rest of your Mother’s Day.




4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Hi Wanda,
    Welcome back. I’m not sure that we’ve connected before. So. it’s great to meet you. I had to laugh about you not catching up in person with your daughter for Mother’s Day. I’m on the other side of that fence. Saw my parents on Mother’s Day but had trouble trying to get mum to make time for us before we went into lockdown and we haven’t seen them since Christmas when we used to see her once a week. I had to get a get tough with them. Then, I needed to get onto them about staying at home and protecting themselves and us from the virus. My Dad is not a problem. He’s in a and out of the shops in a flash and social distances anyway. Mum wasn’t careless but just not as rigid as I’d lilke her to be. It’s hard to navigate some of these interpersonal issues.
    Anyway, I need to move some stuff off the bed and better go.
    Best wishes,

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