On My Soap Box

Daily Prompt:  Archaic

As many of you may know I am a huge NASCAR fan.  Beginning in 2017 Monster Energy became the sponsor for the Cup Series.  I didn’t really think much about it, other than one of the drivers they had sponsored had some behavior problems which were quite distasteful.

However, when Monster took over, lo and behold the women reappeared in Victory Lane with their sexy outfits and bare midriffs.   I cannot believe that after promoting Danica Patrick as one who opened doors for women to become race car drivers, NASCAR would go back years to objectifying women.

Make no mistake I am not a Danica Patrick fan.  I do recognize that she was an asset to NASCAR by being the first woman to compete in their premier series.  But, if you remember, Go Daddy was her sponsor and in the beginning, she also participated in commercials that objectified women.  I was happy to see that campaign end.

We teach our children that ideas such as these are archaic and not to be entertained.  We teach our children to have self-respect.  To strive to do more than put on tight clothes and strut your stuff in front of the masses.  During the introductions at the All-Star Race in Charlotte this year, I was embarrassed at how these women walked out with the drivers’ names held high above them as they seductively led them to the stage.

NASCAR has always been promoted as a family sport.  What do I tell my grandson when he asks me why those ladies are walking so funny?  Isn’t this just showing our children that seduction is to be celebrated?

I know there are those who feel that everyone has the right to choose how they want to live their lives and if there are women who don’t care about being thought of as a piece of meat it is there right.  But, can you honestly say that what they are doing for a living is actually contributing to society?  I was taught that it is my responsibility to contribute to society and have taught my children the same thing.

All of the work NASCAR and Danica Patric did to attract women into motorsports has been lost in this archaic, male-dominated, advertising campaign.  I would never purchase a Monster product.  How good could it be if they need sex to sell it?


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