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Daily Prompt:  Mentor

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To be a good mentor you must encourage, support, and develop a relationship which enables purposeful conversation with your mentoree.  Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have had wonderful mentors who made a lasting impression on my life.

Mentoring’s purpose is to develop particular skills in the mentored person and to facilitate problem-solving, and goal achievement.   When you are a mentor you will also learn from this relationship.  As this relationship grows, trust develops and the process becomes successful.

There are several ways to mentor.  Informal mentoring happens spontaneously.  Most people become mentors this way even in the workplace.  However, there are many formal mentoring programs for working with kids, co-workers, church members, and just about any situation that we find ourselves in.

When I joined my quilt guild, I had never made a quilt before.  I joined because I had always wanted to learn how to quilt.  I walked into the meeting and was met by Donna and she had me sit with Anne.  We spent that meeting doing charity work for our community.  I learned how to tie a quilt.  I was ecstatic!  🙂

Donna took me under her wing and became my mentor.  I learned so much from her, and because of her mentoring, I became confident in my quilting.  Now, I find myself helping newer quilters in the same way.  Our guild has a Buddy Program for new members who are matched up with someone who has been a member.  It’s our own type of mentoring program.  It is a shame that the program is not utilized more often.

I would suggest becoming a mentor.  You will receive so much from the experience.







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