Going Home

Daily Prompt:  Vague

It had been years since I was back to my hometown. After college, I had taken a job on the west coast, met my husband and that’s where we made our home. Over the years we had come back to visit my family so the kids could get to know their grandparents, but only once or twice a year. My parents had died fifteen years ago which is when my last visit to my hometown was.

I couldn’t believe that my boss had given me this client. I had thought my traveling days were over. After all, there have to be some perks when you stay with a firm for as long as I had been at mine. But, he did and here I was sitting on a plane on my way back to my roots.

I couldn’t resist the urge to drive by our old house. It still looked the same, but different somehow too. I had a vague feeling of longing as I sat in my car looking at the kids playing in the yard. I was remembering all the fun I had had playing there with my friends so many years ago. As I drove off to meet my client, I began wondering if any of them were left in town.

After my meeting, I checked into my hotel, changed and went to dinner. As I was eating I looked across the room and saw a woman looking at me. She seemed familiar, but I wasn’t sure. I walked over to her and realized that it was Janet, my best friend from my childhood. We hugged and filled each other in on all the years we had spent apart. It was just a wonderful surprise to my trip.

We decided to meet the next day for a late lunch before I had to catch my flight back home. As we sat together at lunch those vague feelings came back to me. The kind of feelings that let you know you always have a special tie to the home where you grew up. That there is something special about where you were raised and the friendships that came and went in your childhood that are like wearing a comfortable sweater that keeps you safe and warm.

We said goodbye with promises to keep in touch this time. As my plane took off I was a little sad to be leaving where I had grown up but was happy to be getting back to my husband and our home.


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