Daily Prompt:  Partake

I recently thought about a long-lasting outcome of a decision I made when I was a teen that still impacts my life today.

I was never much of a joiner when I was younger.  I never liked being told that I had to do something by someone else.  I was a chubby little girl so my mother sent me to dance classes hoping it would get me more active.  Needless to say, it failed miserably.  I was uncoordinated, I hated the repetition of the dance steps.  I hated wearing a leotard.  So I quit.

The next thing my mother put me in was Girl Scouts.  We met around the corner from our house in a church basement.  At first, I thought it was fun.  But it wasn’t long before I realized that it took a lot of dedication to earn the coveted badges for my sash.  I earned a few, but then I lost interest.  It wasn’t long before I gave that up too.  Maybe I lost my taste for girl scouts because my little brother had to come with me because my parents were at work.  You know how little brothers can be.

So I went along with my life of playing with barbies, going to school, and just being with my friends.  I ice skated in the winter, roller skated, rode my bike, and spent many hours in the pool swimming.  No matter what I did, I never joined any other clubs or groups.

As a teen, I finally decided to partake in a drum corps.  A friend from school talked me into joining.  It was the first time that I ever joined a group where I felt welcomed and at home.  I made many long-lasting friendships during my years there one of whom, Pat is my son’s godmother.

So when I moved here to North Carolina, I joined a quilt guild.  It has been the best thing I have ever done.  I never would have joined had I not given the drum corps a try.  It’s amazing how a decision in my teens made such an impact on my life now.  We are always told growing up that what we do as teens can impact the rest of our lives; usually when we have gotten into trouble of some sort.  I am happy that my decision impacted my life positively.



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