K is for Knit & Knot


Knitting is done with wool or synthetic yarn.  Sweaters, scarves, gloves, mittens, afghans, and many other articles are made by knitting.  The basic stitches of knitting are knit and purl.  Every other stitch is basically a variation of these two basic stitches.

You can also knit using a loom.  There are many options available for whatever you want to make.  It is not necessary to spend a fortune to give knitting a try.  Yarn, knitting needles are inexpensive and there are so many patterns available for free online and on the inside label of yarn.

There are many groups or clubs for knitters.  It is a wonderful way to make new friends and create beautiful pieces.  When my grandchildren were little I used to knit them hats and scarves.  They always loved them.  I lived far from them and I always felt it was like me hugging them all winter long.  🙂

We mention knots here because they are needed to hold the thread in place.  After threading a needle, a small knot is made at the end of the thread.  This keeps the end of the thread from slipping right through the fabric.  Knots are used in hand stitching, not with a sewing machine.  When using a sewing machine backstitching is done by reversing the direction of the fabric as it goes over the feed dogs.


One thought on “K is for Knit & Knot

  1. For knot I thought of our boat and all the different knots that are used. There are so many and they are used for different things. You’re talking about one thing and I went directly to boats.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

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