C’est la vie!

Daily Prompt:  Uncompromising

Happy International Women’s Day!

I have just spent a wonderful week at my good friend Sue’s house.  We had such a good time.  We sewed, we shopped, we laughed until we cried.  There is nothing so special than spending time with a good friend is there?

I drove out to her home in Cary last Wednesday.  The ride was so pretty.  The ornamental pear trees were in full bloom.  I couldn’t believe that the blossoms were gone today when I drove home.  The leaves have taken over their place.  I wish they would bloom longer.

Have you ever met someone who was so uncompromising that it made being in their company intolerable?  I came into contact with a woman this past weekend that just drove me to complete exasperation.  I only heard the interaction was not a part of it.

I was shopping with my friend in a fabric store.  As we were looking at fabric, I couldn’t help but overhear this woman and her companion talking.  No matter what the one woman said or suggested, the other was just rigid in her ideas.  They apparently were going to do a joint project of some sort.  Lady one would suggest a color or fabric type, the other would not budge in her opinion.  As the conversation continued their voices got louder.

I thought to myself that I would find it very difficult to work with someone who was not willing to compromise on anything. There is so much to be learned by the art of compromise.  Joint projects are an opportunity for growth and sharing.  I thought that it was so sad that this woman was not smart enough to take advantage of the situation.  C’est la vie!



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