Daily Prompt: Astral

The ship’s captain was showing signs of distress as he hovered over the controls of the ship. Finally, he turned to his junior officer and told him that the ships navigation system was down. Then admitted this was his first time in these waters and he was worried about finding his way back to port.

The junior officer told the captain that he knew how to use the stars in the sky to navigate. The captain just laughed and said no one knows how to do that anymore. I never even learned how to navigate that way. But, since he felt totally lost, he told him to get to it.

So the junior officer began to chart their course according to the bright stars in the sky. Satisfied, he ordered the boat to change course and they headed back to port without incident.

Impressed by the junior officer’s knowledge and cool head, the captain asked him how he learned to navigate that way since the academy no longer required it.  The junior officer told him that his father had taught him when he went along with him on his fishing boat.

After the ship got into port, the captain realized it is always good to have a backup plan in case the same thing happened again.  He gave it a lot of thought.  The next morning the captain signed up for an astral navigation class.


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