A Very Disturbing Experience

Daily Prompt:  Enroll, Bewildered, Tend, Simplify, Insist

I have missed the daily prompts this month for a few days.  So, I have linked some of them together in this post.

My daughter called me on her way home from the doctor’s office asking if I minded if she stopped on her way past to rest a bit.  She had developed a migraine with all the symptoms that go with it.  Of course, I said she could stop.  I was a bit bewildered that she had called to ask permission but realized she must have left her key to my house at home.  She simply wanted to know if I was home.

Kelly had laid down for about an hour after taking her migraine medication.  I got her up in time for her to pick up my grandsons from school.  We said goodbye, she headed to the car and for some reason instead of walking around the front of the car which was the shortest route to the driver’s door, she went around the back of the car.

I saw that she had not started the car yet and was wondering what was taking her so long.  Lo and behold, Kelly came back into the house saying, ”  There’s an old dog behind my car and I can’t get it to move
straydog1 (2).jpgI approached the dog who didn’t move.  I tried to give him some water and food, he just turned his head away.  This poor animal was emaciated and had cuts on his back and paws.  You could see and feel his ribs.  He was soaking wet from the rain.  When he laid on his side he moaned in pain.  He was wearing a red collar with broken pieces of rope on it.  He clearly had been out on his own for a while.

I walked into the house to grab my cell phone to call the Sheriff’s Animal Services Office and when I returned outside there were about 25 turkey vultures circling in the sky.  I was afraid to go back into the house for fear they would land and begin feeding on him before he stopped breathing.  So, I sat outside with the poor dog gently petting his head.  He began to have tremors so I covered him with a blanket which seemed to help.  He began breathing heavily and never opened his eyes until the Sheriff Department came for him.

The two gentlemen who arrived were very kind to the dog.  They gently wrapped him in the blanket that was there, picked him up and placed him in their truck.

Not to oversimplify what I was feeling, but anger says it all.  I tend to become very vocal when animals are abused or neglected or mistreated.  When God put humans over straydog2.jpganimals, He did not have mistreatment of them in mind.

You know to own a dog here in this state you must have a dog license.  If I were in charge I would insist that anyone attempting to get that license enroll in a course on how to take care of their dogs.  But I guess it would be like anything else, people would not follow the rules and defenceless animals would still suffer.  It makes me just a little bit nuts.

There must be a special place for people who neglect, abuse and throw their animals away like trash.

This is not the first experience I have had with this problem.  A few years ago a litter of kittens were left in an old birdcage on the front of my property.  At nine o’clock at night, my husband opened the back door to let our dog out, and seven little furry kittens came running into the house.  Thankfully, they were able to get out of the cage and find their way to our back door.  I took them right up the street to the shelter in the morning.  







2 thoughts on “A Very Disturbing Experience

  1. Hitting close to home, Wanda. Yesterday our grandson accidentally left the back gate ajar and his dog got out. They live three towns over from us but we’ve been over there yesterday and today combing the neighborhood. We stopped at the shelter on the way over today to see if he might be there. No go.
    There are no happy dogs at the shelter. While we were at the shelter a woman was there with a very pretty gentle dog. I thought she was adopting. Quite the opposite. The dog looked so confused when the woman just walked away without even looking back. sigh. We lost a dog last July … this dog was soooo tempting but we have 10 cats (ALL rescues) and I’m retiring soon (involuntarily, maybe). We just can’t think about adding another pet right now. Our son will have to go to the shelter himself now, I just can’t take it. We pet lovers do what we can.
    The kids received a tip later, if they can find the person again (it was in response to a facebook post) it sounds more promising.
    God bless you.

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    1. Oh I know what you mean about the shelter dogs. I only get pets through adoption. My kids are the same way. My oldest is like you, has 11 cats she has adopted. They are all either black or orange. They have a wonderful home with them. Thanks for visiting and commenting. God bless you too!


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